I lived for some time in this one room apartment in the northen part of Sweden, in LuleƄ. Not far from the Artic Circle. These apartments were built in the mid seventies so the design is from that time.

One day I thought: How would it look like if the apartment was designed with furnitures and cabinets from IKEA?


IKEA has designed swedish homes for many many years. So I measured the size of the apartment and started to model in Blender. It took a while to model everything. I looked for IKEA furnitures, kitchen cabinets and faucet and sink on the Internet.

Edusign - 3D Illustrations
Edusign - 3D Illustrations

During the winter the days are very short. Around Christmas the Sun is above the Horizon for about three hours. But in the mid summer it's the opposite.

During the Winter we use a lots of candles, especially tealights.